Whether you’re an individual or a business with IRS and State tax problems; like a levy, lien or an audit, call for your free consultation.

Feel funny that your case may be to small? Don’t! Just pick up the phone and call today.

The 2020 tax season is upon us and we are here to serve our clients needs. Returning clients have been sent Tax Organizers along with a brochure outlining 2021 Important Tax Changes. We are currently accepting new clients. Call today for your Appointment. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions.

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Call today and let us give the peace of mind that your case is going to be resolved and at an affordable fee.

How Does It Work?
Step 1 – Case Review

  • Discuss Your Current Issues with a Tax Debt Expert
  • (855) 642-TAXES (8293)

Step 2 – Investigation, We:

  • Identify Problems
  • Assess Financials
  • Determine Client Tax Options

Step 3 – Resolution Begins

  • Case Work Begins on Solving Tax Problems

Step 4 – Tax Situation Resolved

  • Your case is closed and you become Tax Debt Free!

Step 5 – Annual Filing

  • We are here to file your returns both timely and accurately.
We Are Committed To

  • Keeping clients informed of IRS decisions regarding their case.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Be recognized for excellent customer satisfaction by providing prompt and professional assistance.


  • Maintain the highest level of privacy and confidentiality throughout the resolution process.


  • By achieving complete resolution in the shortest amount of time.

TAX CONSULTATIONS:  Due to the increase in consultations being provided by our staff, it is necessary to change our policy. Consultations are no longer being provided at no cost. Cost for our service is as follows:

Consultation: 30 minutes $150
60 minutes $250

Should you engage our services, we will credit you 100% of your consultation fee to the resolution work provided.

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